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the story behind the healthy in NO

Hi. I'm Karen. My passion for baking developed out of a need, turned hobby, turned successful business. After becoming allergic to dairy products in my early 20's I experienced the frustration a person with a food allergy goes through to find safe food outside of the home. Feeling like I was missing out, I learned how to manipulate a lot of tasty traditional dessert recipes so anyone with the top 10 food allergies can enjoy them. That's how I earned the nickname #InventorBarbie letting every little girl know there's POSSIBLE in the imPOSSIBLE!

Many people have food restrictions as a result of allergy or health conditions. I know firsthand what it's like to live with food allergies and always have to wonder if it's safe to eat something that I didn't prepare myself.  

Dietary restrictions, sensitivities and preferences don’t have to mean missing out on your favorite food or eating food that is without flavor or bland tasting. So now your family, friends and you can experience the same wholesome food again TOGETHER as a family or a group.  Just look for the Go Thinkit dessert label. 

SURELY B. HONEIY  Sometimes the best things come out of a mistake you made. That's what happened here. So I embraced it and made it the BEST SWEETEST mistake ever! NO refined sugars, artificial sweeteners or water added

Named after my grandfather Shirley B. who taught me about eating off the land and embracing my entrepreneurial spirit, SBH is special to me. 

WHISK ENVY While people enjoyed the tasty treats of Go Thinkit desserts, they asked me if I can "make it with nuts," or other special requests since they didn't have the food intolerance. There is NO butter, refined sugars or artificial sweeteners that are commonly found in other baked goods. I took on the challenge and the brand Whisk Envy was developed.